Testimonials 2023

Uncover the insights and perspectives shared by our attendees, speakers, sponsors, and partners about their experience at Coliving Conference 2023.

George Ahye

Head of Coliving at Urbanbubble

“The Coliving Conference was a great opportunity to exchange ideas with peers from around the world. The day was well organised, with thought provoking panel sessions covering topics which we will continue to explore. Thanks again, and I look forward to hearing about the next event!”

Alessandro Nacci

CEO at Sofia part of ISEO

“We were thrilled to have the opportunity to connect with individuals who share our passion for communal living. We take pride in our participation in this event and our contribution to the expansion of the coliving industry, making this lifestyle accessible to an even wider audience. We eagerly anticipate our attendance at the next event.”

Elizabeth White

Founder at NUUage Coliving

“My inaugural coliving conference exceeded all expectations. The warm reception I received from fellow attendees made me feel part of the community. Meeting individuals I'd only read about or engaged with online was wonderful and added a personal touch. The content and speakers were top-notch, offering a comprehensive view of the coliving landscape. I was able to forge a number of potentially longterm, beneficial business contacts. Looking forward to future conferences.”

Walter Zueck

Swiss Ambassador at Co-Liv

“Diese Konferenz war sehr professionell organisiert. Es sind die kleinen Dinge wie die Gesellschaftsspiele auf den Tischen die dazu beitragen, dass sich die Menschen näher kommen, an denen man erkennt, dass der Event von Menschen organisiert wurde die Freude an Ihrer Arbeit haben. Looking forward to meeting and collaborating with you again.”

Carles Ribes Estrella

Business Development Manager at Badi

“I had the fantastic opportunity to participate as a panellist at the Coliving Conference. It was an incredible experience to share insights about the coliving market and connect with fellow colleagues in the industry. The event provided a valuable platform to exchange ideas and network with like-minded professionals. I am truly grateful to Coliving Ventures for this wonderful opportunity and look forward to future collaborations.”

Guydo Reyneveld

Founder at Groupius Wonen

“As both a speaker and attendee at the Coliving Conference 2023 in Amsterdam, I was thoroughly impressed. The event was impeccably organised, and the diverse lineup of speakers provided valuable insights into the coliving industry. The networking opportunities were abundant, fostering meaningful connections. I left feeling educated, inspired, and ready to make a positive impact. Kudos to the organisers for a remarkable event!”

Melis Karabulut

PR & Field Marketing Specialist

“Having attended both editions of the Coliving Awards and Coliving Conference, it is righteous to say that I've made lifetime connections through a crowd that is heavily community-oriented. My favourite part was seeing coliving tenants on the stage. It was the great touch that allowed coliving operators to hear varying perspectives on living experiences. It was also great to see the emerging forms of coliving and how it starts to resonate with diverse groups of people - seniors, older adults, creatives - and not only millennials and gen-z, leading to a meaningful shift in how we live in cities.”

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