Frequently Asked Questions


When and where will the Coliving Conference take place?

The upcoming Coliving Conference 2024 will take place in Amsterdam on 25 & 26 September. Sign up to receive the latest updates regarding venue and programme details.


What is the main objective of the Coliving Conference?

The main objective of the Coliving Conference is to bring together various industry stakeholders: coliving experts, professionals and enthusiasts from around the world to share knowledge, network with one another and generate opportunities in the industry.


Who can attend the Coliving Conference?

The Coliving Conference is open to anyone interested in coliving and shared living, including entrepreneurs, investors, developers, operators, real estate professionals, architects, designers and general enthusiasts of community living.


What is the format of the conference?

The Conference will feature a variety of formats, including expert keynotes, panel discussions, interactive sessions, workshops, AMA's (Ask-Me-Anything sessions) and networking opportunities.


When will tickets be available for purchase?

We are in the process of preparing for our upcoming pre-sale period. Our conference tickets will be available for both in-person and online attendance. To maximise your chance of securing these exclusive tickets, we strongly recommend subscribing to our newsletter. By doing so, you will be among the first to receive updates and notifications regarding the commencement of the pre-sale period, ensuring your participation in this highly-anticipated event.


How many tickets can I purchase?

Please note that tickets for the upcoming conference are not available yet. As soon as we launch our ticket sale, you will be able to purchase as many tickets as you require, but kindly note that each transaction should consist of tickets of the same type. For instance, if you need 2 in-person tickets and 3 online tickets, you will need to buy the in-person tickets in one transaction. Afterward, you can access the ticket purchasing platform again to acquire the online tickets. This way, you can conveniently secure the tickets you need for your preferred attendance options.


How and when will I receive the ticket?

Once you purchase your ticket for the Coliving Conference, you will receive it via the email address provided during registration. Confirmation of your ticket and any additional information about the event will be sent to you electronically, ensuring a seamless experience.


What can I get from a ticket to the Coliving Conference?

Attending the Coliving Conference with a ticket opens up a world of opportunities. As an attendee, you'll have access to a series of inspiring sessions and panel discussions led by industry-leading experts. You can connect with other coliving professionals and like-minded enthusiasts, gaining valuable insights into the latest trends and innovations shaping the coliving industry. Moreover, you'll have the chance to explore the future of shared living through a range of interactive activities and networking opportunities, making the event an unforgettable and enriching experience.


Will I be charged VAT?

Tickets for the Coliving conference are charged with 21% VAT, according to the regulations in The Netherlands.


Will I be charged any other type of fees?

The online ticket platform may apply a ticketing fee for payment processing, invoicing and transaction.


How long will it take for my tickets to arrive after the payment?

Upon completion of your ticket payment, you will receive an automatic confirmation email. This email will include your e-tickets, which you can conveniently access from your mobile device or print out for your records.


Can I have an invoice for my ticket purchase?

Upon completing your ticket purchase through the online ticket platform, you will have the option to download an electronic copy of the official invoice. It's a seamless process that allows you to keep track of your payment and have all the necessary documentation for your records. If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us at conference@colivingventures.com


My payment has been debited, but I haven't received any tickets yet?

To inquire about your order status or ticket confirmation, please send an email to conference@colivingventures.com. If you cannot find the tickets in your account and need further assistance, please contact us via email, so we can investigate the issue. In your message, kindly include the payment details, please refrain from mentioning your account or credit card number for security purposes.


I haven't received my tickets. What can I do?

You should receive your ticket(s) shortly after your order has been completed. Possibly the email with your tickets arrived in your spam or junk mail folder.  If you still haven't found your tickets, please contact us at conference@colivingventures.com  and include the payment details in your message.


I can not fully join the Programme on Day 1, can I still register?

If you can't fully join the Programme on Day 1 of the Coliving Conference 2024, you can still register for the event and attend the rest of the planned schedule for Day 1, as well as Day 2. So, don't worry if you have scheduling conflicts; you can still be a part of this exciting experience and make the most of your time at the Coliving Conference.


I just want to join the networking sessions and Day 2, can I register these only?

We recommend you to take the 2-days ticket, and attend the activities that best fit your schedule. The networking sessions on Day 1 are only reserved for attendees that have purchased a 2-days ticket.


How can I secure my slot for the networking sessions of Day 1?

To ensure a comfortable and enhanced networking experience during Day 1, please be aware that the available slots are limited. We highly recommend booking your spot as soon as possible to secure your place on this exciting activity. Attendees that have purchased their 2-days ticket, will be contacted to secure the networking session as well as further details.


I have problems in completing the ticket purchasing

If you're facing any difficulties with ticket purchasing, please contact us at conference@colivingventures.com for assistance. We are here to help resolve any issues and make sure you have a seamless ticket purchasing experience.


I received the wrong tickets. What can I do?

If you received the wrong tickets, please contact our support team at conference@colivingventures.com. Provide details about the incorrect tickets, and we'll work to rectify the issue promptly.


Can I change my ticket(s)?

You can upgrade your ticket but not downgrade it. If you have purchased an online ticket you can upgrade your ticket to an in-person 1-day ticket or 2-day ticket (subject to availability). Please contact us at conference@colivingventures.com in order to process your request. Upgrades must be done 10 working days before the event date.


Can I cancel my ticket(s)?

No, Tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable, except as expressly stated in our Terms & Conditions. While tickets are non-refundable, we may look into specific cases at our discretion. If you find yourself in such a situation, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email.


What is the Coliving Conference?

The Coliving Conference is premier industry event bringing together coliving professionals and thought leaders in the sector on annual base. It offers a platform for networking, learning, and exploring the future of shared living through special sessions, expert speakers, and various activities.


Who organises the Coliving Conference 2023?

The Coliving Conference is organised by the event management team responsible for coordinating and curating the conference. Coliving Conference, Coliving Awards and Coliving Insights are brands of Coliving Ventures, a platform dedicated to encouraging innovation, sustainable business development and impactful growth within the coliving industry.


Can I become a sponsor or partner?

Certainly! The Coliving Conference provides sponsorship and partnership opportunities. If you or your company are interested in becoming a sponsor or partner, please fill out the form available on our Contact Us page. Additionally, we invite you to visit our Collaborate page to explore the benefits and advantages of becoming a Speaker, Exhibitor, Sponsor or Partner at the conference.


Are there any discounts available?

Are you coming with a group of 4 or more? Please reach out to Coliving Conference for a 10% discount, subject to availability.


Can I bring luggages to the conference?

Attendees can bring their luggage to the conference. However, to help us manage the available space and ensure a smooth experience for all participants, we kindly urge attendees to send us a message via email (conference@colivingventures.com) if they plan to bring larger or bulky luggage.


How should I dress?

Our conference encourages a flexible dress code, providing you with the freedom to dress in business casual attire that reflects your personal style and makes you feel comfortable. Feel free to express yourself while staying confident and enjoying the event!


What is the programme of the Coliving Conference 2024?

The programme of Day 1 consists of interactive activities such as Site Tours and Networking Experiences. On Day 2, participants can look forward to a schedule packed with panel sessions, a product & service exhibition, the Coliving Awards, and networking breaks. For the precise schedule, attendees can refer to Swapcard, our online event platform. Additionally, our previous edition's programme s available for reference. Stay tuned for the 2024 program announcement as this year's edition approaches.


Is there parking near the venue?

Our event venue, B.Amsterdam, offers paid parking on site.


How can I travel between locations on Day 1?

On Day 1 of the event, transportation between venues will not be provided by the Coliving Conference organisers. Amsterdam, being a vibrant city with excellent public transportation and availability of ride-sharing services like Uber, offers various travel options to suit your preferences.We recommend using Amsterdam's efficient public transport system, which includes trams, buses, metro and trains. These services provide a convenient way to navigate the city and reach your desired locations promptly. For those who prefer ride-sharing services, Uber is available in Amsterdam and can be accessed through the Uber app on your smartphone.

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