Road to Coliving Conference 2023 - The Culmination of an Ecosystem Journey

Explore Coliving Ventures' journey towards Coliving Conference 2023

Road to Coliving Conference 2023 - The Culmination of an Ecosystem Journey

Explore Coliving Ventures' journey towards Coliving Conference 2023, empowering shared living through insights, awards and industry consolidation.

Introduction: Progressing Towards Industry Excellence

The coliving sector has emerged as an increasingly viable housing category, having proven to be resilient, sustainable and profitable since its inception. Throughout this evolution, Coliving Ventures – the world's first venture dedicated to accelerating the growth and consolidation of coliving – has expanded into an ecosystem of initiatives that help the coliving sector scale and thrive. Coliving Ventures provides resources, expertise, networks, access to technology and business acumen to build globally scalable enterprises, with a mission to establish a strong foundation for industry consolidation. Coliving Venture’s ecosystem development has culminated with Coliving Conference 2023, a hybrid, two-day event in Amsterdam and online. This article delves into the evolution of this ecosystem and how it has laid the foundation for the launch of Coliving Conference 2023.

Coliving Insights: Laying the Foundations

Coliving Ventures embarked with a clear vision: to become a venture and product designer platform covering versatile research, curated thought leadership, showcase innovative concepts, trends and sustainable practices as well as benchmarking community living solutions across the globe. Becoming a reality in 2019 with the establishment of Coliving Insights, a now evolving but comprehensive media platform, it has been at the forefront of documenting and promoting various themes across the evolving coliving industry. The platform first served as a hub for research-based publications, offering first-hand data, valuable insights and sharing knowledge from industry experts. Coliving Insights laid the groundwork for future endeavours and solidified Coliving Venture's commitment to empowering professionals throughout various types and sizes of community-driven real estate schemes.

Coliving Insights became the backbone of Coliving Venture's initiatives, providing a wealth of knowledge to industry stakeholders. Through comprehensive publications, Coliving Insights delved into a diverse range of topics – from architectural and design innovation and sustainable practices to community-building strategies and coliving business models – the platform covered it all, leaving no stone unturned in its quest to empower the coliving community.

The Evolution Continues: First Events

In 2020 Coliving Ventures organised its inaugural event, offering networking possibilities, knowledge sharing and shining a spotlight on the burgeoning industry. The event not only facilitated cross-industry connections but also emphasised the transformative potential of coliving spaces at large while setting the stage for more events, such as the prestigious Coliving Awards in 2021. Coliving Awards emerged with the goal of giving visibility to the brightest minds across the sector, celebrating their achievements and establishing benchmarks that guide, inspire and push the boundaries of the coliving industry.

Coliving Awards 2021 was welcomed with great enthusiasm and culminated on May 6th during a live streamed event – part of Co-Liv Summit 2021 in Paris, France – involving submissions from 74 companies, a public vote of over 12,800 individuals and an audience spanning 144 countries. Moreover, Coliving Award’s main media partner, Coliving Insights, published a Special Edition to highlight and celebrate the state-of-the-art projects featured in the 2021 awards programme.

During this time, however, the world faced unprecedented challenges with the global pandemic. In response, Coliving Awards launched online, recognising exemplary contributions to the coliving industry in a virtual format. This adaptability showcased Coliving Venture's resilience and commitment to celebrating achievements even during difficult times. Despite the challenges, these first events brought together a truly vibrant community of coliving enthusiasts; fostering meaningful connections while celebrating emerging organisations and inspiring achievements across the sector.

Global Expansion: World Urban Forum & Beyond

2022 saw Coliving Venture's expansion as the team went to Katowice, Poland for the World Urban Forum, orchestrating a groundbreaking hybrid experience including a full day of panel discussions. The event explored how coliving could drive innovation, impact and change in the cities of tomorrow through stimulating conversations and insights into the future of sustainable and community-centred urbanisation. Hosting a diverse group of international stakeholders passionate about shared living and innovative models of urbanisation, this global exposure further bolstered Coliving Venture's mission to promote creative solutions in shared living.

The second edition of Coliving Awards (2022) also took place during the World Urban Forum. Welcomed with great enthusiasm, the winners of the Coliving Awards 2022 were selected among over 70 submitted projects, with their creativity and innovative thinking pushing the boundaries of coliving while setting exciting new benchmarks for the sector. Now in its third edition, Coliving Awards 2023 will take place at Coliving Conference 2023, allowing for added networking opportunities, knowledge sharing and other value-adding activities. A host of impressive projects are preparing to showcase their impact on the coliving sector through the awards platform this September.

Coliving Conference Comes Alive

Coliving Venture's journey is now fully manifesting with the launch of Coliving Conference 2023, the consolidation of its ecosystem and marking of an important milestone. Coliving Ventures took great pride in selecting a vibrant and start-up community-focused venue (B.Amsterdam), which embodies the essence of shared living’s dynamic potential to an international audience. The conference is going to be a melting pot of creativity, market data tapping into industry potential as well as innovation, fueling the industry with fresh insights, ideas and inspiration. Featuring an inspiring programme with expert-led panels covering the industry’s most pertinent themes, to immersive networking activities and site tours, Coliving Conference 2023 encapsulates the very spirit of the Coliving Ventures ecosystem.

Bringing Professionals Together in a Unified Industry

Coliving Ventures continues to thrive in its mission to unite professionals who share a passion for coliving. Through Coliving Insights, Coliving Awards and now Coliving Conference 2023, Coliving Ventures has generated platforms that interconnect, educate and inspire a wide spectrum of coliving experts that are driving the industry forward.

In conclusion, Coliving Ventures proudly presents Coliving Conference 2023, a celebration of the individuals and organisations who are nurturing the industry alongside us. Coliving Ventures takes pride both in showcasing innovative shared living to a global audience in Amsterdam and online, fostering creativity and learning from global benchmarks, as well as in the successful consolidation of Coliving Awards, recognising outstanding shared living contributions worldwide. As the journey continues, Coliving Ventures remains committed to empowering stakeholders and, together with the coliving community, pursuing a bright future for the shared living sector.

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